First Yarning

Where to start?

So far this year I have spent 7 weeks in hospital, well for my mental health anyway. Two visits, the first was only for two weeks the second was for five.

Most of the second visit was spent waiting for accommodation to be available.

I’ve been made homeless twice this year.the first time I can understand. I broke up with my ex, as we were living together and he owned the unit I had to leave.

The second time was a little unexpected. I was staying with someone I thought was a friend, turns out they weren’t. He was thinking with his dick, so his girlfriend won. I don’t think she liked me, That or she thought I was a threat. I like to think I was a threat as I’m twelve years younger than her. Besides who wants to live in a place where your housemate and his girlfriend will fuck all over the house regardless of whether your there or not.

At a time when I was fragile and needed somewhere that was safe and nurturing they crapped on me. Much better off without them anyway.

My life has gotten better since I was made homeless the second time. I am living alone for the first time in my adult life (its only taken till I was 34 to do it) and my mind is clear. I can see a brighter future.

And so my journey forward begins……….

bipolar bear


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