Free Spirit V Submission (part 3)

I know I want Someone to help and guide me know.

There is one major hurdle though. My male friend.

He is my occasional, too occasional, Lover.

It would make things awkward if  we to become just friends. Also if we become just friends and I was to find someone else he would end any contact with me as he would feel that they would become jealous or it would cause some difficulty between me and the new man.

The reason it worries me is that I am the only friend who knows about his depression.

Its a big responsibility. I am trying to get myself on level ground . He is stuck in his ways. Always angry. won’t allow anyone to help.

He a emotional vampire.

Draining me.

I need to break free.

To free my spirit.

The Goddess within needs freedom.

Let her fly and stretch her wings

Dare to be

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