Yesterday I waited for  My Aunt and cousins to come over for a visit. Actually I call her aunt in this but she is my Uncles partner who he has children with, And she is the mother of my cousins.

But they didn’t. Apparently my older cousin didn’t like he fact her Dad went back to work after the birth of her baby brother.He had two weeks off, parental leave. As a result she was playing up and they didn’t come over.

They rang last night and said they may try again to day after play group. But it’s nearly 6pm and no visit or phone call.

Yes I know their life doesn’t revolve around me but at least a text would be nice.

I was meant to take my older cousin to a group tomorrow, but plains have changed. Her Dad, My Uncle is taking her instead. Which is good, I don’t think her gets to do it very often. Daddy Daughter Time.

One good thing about this is I have Caught up on a few things that I let go while I was sick.

Finally feel like I am getting my shit together again, Kinda. Just have to work on my bad sleeping habits.

Tomorrows another day……….

Nap tomorrow

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