Fake Dom

I managed to talk to my Psychologist about him today.

I told her my interest in BDSM was related to Fifty shades of Gray. For some reason I couldn’t tell her the truth about my interests.

First off, the reason I call him fake Dom is that he is to me. He seems to be one of those people that require submissive people around him. Regardless of whether they are male or female. Doesn’t matter if they are they are in a sexual relationship (women only) with him or not.

He was wanting to build a poly house hold. Himself and a number of female subs. He was also saying the other housemate we had was also going to be in the house as well as a DOM in training and that we maybe sleeping/playing with him too. I thought wanted to be apart of it. He had ask me to be the switch.Again I thought that was what I wanted.

I met him on ALT.COM while still with my Ex.

At first he was nice. Everything I needed. There were chats on line and phone calls which lasted for hours. I later paid for the phone calls which a mobile phone bill of $750, which I had to pay myself as he didn’t offer any money towards it as he got me to call him all the time.

Eventually he managed to talk me into leaving my Ex and going to stay with him.

I drove 11 hours straight.

A new State a new city.

For some reason I did a little panic. I didn’t want him to touch me.

I don’t now why I didn’t listen to my instincts and leave.

I did a little bit of flip flopping the next couple of days. But I ended up staying. I didn’t have the money to leave.

It took two weeks for him to tell me he was on the sex offender register. He said it was because someone put some bad photos on his computer.

But I don’t believe it. On one occasion he walked in on me while I was on the toilet. The toilet was in the bathroom. I had a pimple on my breast and was checking it out. Since it was on the under side I had my whole breast exposed.

He saw it. I felt so dirty.

When I got out of the bathroom he said that he didn’t know I was there. But he told me two different stories, so I didn’t believe him.

He continued his emotional abuse.

Everything I did was wrong. Continuously putting me down.

Because I stood up to him he said I was a brat and that I wouldn’t be a good sub.

It wasn’t until after I spent time with my family for Christmas with my family did I have the strength to leave.

At the end he was calling me a Domme Bitch.

I am not proud to was I actually threw a couple of wine glasses at him  once and another time I had him pinned up against the wall. which is so unlike me.

My psychologist said I didn’t because I was fighting back.

Wings off

9 thoughts on “Fake Dom

      1. No need to be freaked out. Maybe I worded it wrong . I have a huge heart for those who are submissive, and I like to help. that is all nothing meant by it. I just like giving advice it is up to you if you follow or not

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