Name Change

I have changed the name of my blog to Miss Lizzy.

Simply just my name, after all this blog is about me.

All links for this Blog stay the same.

Just a name change.


One thought on “Name Change

  1. Well Miss Lizzy, thank you for nominating me, and as promised here are my 7 for you:
    1. I love Gummi bears, but only those from Haribo
    2. I’m not crafty, I don’t make anything neat or that my children will cherish
    3. That said, I am a good photographer, and THAT will be what my children remember.
    4. I am a published author in my field
    5. I’ve never, ever had a dominant fantasy
    6. I’m attracted to bigger, professional, well read, and cultured men, who are older than I am, and who can physically and mentally dominate me.
    7. I have been married to #6 for 25 years. He makes Christian Grey look like a whiny boy.

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