Versatile Bloggers Award

Thank you Phoenixsubbie for nominating me.

The rules say to nominated 15 others…. Who to choose?

I am also supposed to tell 7 things about myself. So…

1. I make my own bread. OK, so its the mixes you get at the supermarket where you just add water. But the smell of fresh bread baking is awesome.

2. I am Australian. Conceived, Born and bread and damn proud of it.

3. I love cooking. I love cooking from scratch, I don’t really like cooking with pre made sauces or packet mixes, bread being the exception.

4. My Herb, Spice and Sauce cupboard is the favorite part of my Kitchen.

5. My herb/spice cupboard is not complete without Garlic. I love garlic. I also love anchovies.

6. I lost my Virginity and had my first kiss on the same day (I’m such a hussy, lol) to my Ex. I don’t regret it for a moment, He is a great man and it was a beautiful experience.

7. I have Two Nephews who I would kill or be killed for. I mean it, Hell hath no fury as a Aunty whose Nephews/Nieces are hurt.


I only follow blogs that inspire me or I feel the authors are going a through similar journey to a part of my life.

It was hard to choose just fifteen. When I was going through the blogs I follow I ended up with most of them for this list. I think phoenix nominated most of them herself.

The List is, with no preference to any (just went through the blogs I follow list.

And the 15 are ….Drum roll please


mel  – Mel hurry the fuck up with the next chapter of Good Girl: A Story of Meredith and Spencer I God to swear that story is like a drug and I need a fix, 🙂




Not Anastasia



Cj Riordan

Little Drakon

Shy Girl

Southern Sir




Ok 15. Love you all,

Miss Lizzy XOXOXO


8 thoughts on “Versatile Bloggers Award

  1. Geez, now I really have to do this! Thank you, I really appreciateit. (I promise, Lizzy, next chapter at lunch (4-5 hours).

      1. I’m hitting post right now…. I ended up in a lunch meeting at work. 😦 Damn this stupid job!

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