Query about Vegans

So I was thinking under the shower like you do and I got thinking about Vegans.
Die hard Vegans don’t eat or use anything made form animals, not even leather shoes.
Vegans suck dick or eat pussy? If they do do they swallow or drink the juices?
I mean a dick or pussy are both meat from animals and they would be putting them in their mouths. Also cum from dick or pussy are juices that come from animals.
Bit of contradiction if they do.

8 thoughts on “Query about Vegans

  1. As a vegan this made me laugh, but then again I’m not a hard core vegan 🙂

    But I do think that die hard vegans stay away from meat and animal products because we abuse the animals and subject them to lots of pain and misery when breeding, slaughter and flaying them. Sucking dick or eating pussy is a pleasure act, and hence not needed to be boycotted ^^

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