I have recently put a profile on Fetlife. I was looking to set up a profile on one of those dating websites like alt.com. But after my experience with Fake Dam I was hesitant.

So the reason I chose Fetlife was because I thought I could talk to like minded people and get more information on the lifestyle so I can see where it is that I sit ie am I suited to D/S relationship or a domestic discipline or a master/slave relationship.

I have recently started to talk with a guy on there. He doesn’t want to deal with time wasters, which is fair enough. So I showed him the post on the Fake Dom just so he knew that there would be times when I “flip-flop” and get scared.

He was accepting of that and understood not to move to fast into talking on the phone let alone meet in person.

Though I got a little worried last night.

I don’t know if it’s because I had my first assessment interview with a psychiatrist to see whether I would be suitable for psychotherapy of if its my instincts. But he has be showing me hypnotherapy videos he uses during play.

Personally I don’t think they really work. I mean I do get turned on by them but I’m not sure if its the woman in the background  moaning and other vocalized noises of pleasure or what. I was also relaxed. But that is the goal of the videos.

At the end of the video it ends with “slave activation mode on”. I doesn’t really do much for me at the moment. I don’t have any desire to call anyone Master as a result.

But I was thinking. Pre coitus if warming me up is done right I am normally relaxed and suggestible. My worry is what if their both combined, the videos and the right kind of foreplay? Or the person is there to re-enforce the videos?

Scary, I have so much to learn and be wary of.


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