Two freed on bail in British slavery case

Two freed on bail in British slavery case

I am wondering what this will do for the BDSM community.

Will it make society look even further down its nose at those in or interested in the lifestyle?

Will it drive the community further “underground”?

Your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Two freed on bail in British slavery case

  1. Wow these women were held for 30 years against their well that’s definitely abuse. I would think that the BDSM community would come out against this as it no way reflects the relationships that masters and slaves have in the BDSM community. Slaves are not held against their will and are property of the master and it is the master’s responsibility to make sure the slave is well taken care of. They may be humiliated in public or shared with other masters but this is a consensual agreement between them and is part of their relationship. Search for Sirstompsalot’s blog. When he was posting there was a lot of good information about the master and slave relationship

    1. I agree, but the stigma has about the BDSM lifestyle could be reinfored or grow, don’t you think?
      Social stigma is fueled my social ignorance.

      1. Agreed, in the absence of information people will assume the worst or at least create a story that fuels their agenda. I wonder if there has been any backlash?

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