Is a change in the wind?

My friend with benefits (not that theres really any benefit) and I had a chat tonight.
I spoke about how his mood sometimes affects me. How I can be feeling fine then I speek with him and he goes on one of his rant about socicological whatever and it brings me down. How sometime I don’t want him to come over because I’m worried his mood will bring me down.
I also spoke about my sexual frustration. How I want to explore it and he can’t join me because of his back. I also want kids. Maybe not now, but I want them in the future and he doesn’t want them.
He immediatly said something about me needing someone younger. Age has nothing to do with it.
Our needs are different.
I think I mentioned something about Ifelt he was holding me back. But I think that was about my sexuality.
He said maybe we need a break. Truth be told if we take a break I want a short term one.


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