The Dying Art of Touching

Couldn’t agree more.

foreverdreamingoflove 💋


People forget what it means to be touched.  Sometimes I wonder if many even think about it.  The sense of touch and what it means to another human being.


One of the first things nursing students learn is how important it is to touch a patient.  Touch can awaken someone from a comatose state.  It’s very powerful.  Why else do you think that massages are so popular?  How about pedicures, our feet and legs are touched for an hour or so.  It feels good and we need it, more than we might even understand.

I think about what it would feel like just to have a touching session with the one I love.  And a beautiful passionate feeling comes over me.  We as humans crave touch.  Sometimes when we are feeling out of sorts and are not sure what is wrong, try asking a loved one just to hold…

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