Yay, Christmas is over

Christmas is over.

I am still visiting with my Parents and I’m lucky that I’ve only had one minor run in with my Mum.

Normally we start arguing within a couple of hours, but things have been alright so far. I head home on Wednesday.

Got to spend time with my Nephews which is the main reason I came “home” for Christmas.

I grew up in a country town, about 5,000 people. Though there are three main towns, the one I grew up in included, there are quite a few small villages near by,

My high school had a total of around 640 students in total.

In some cases it still has it’s small town charm, people can still know your business before you do. I hate gossip.

I’m so glad I moved away to the city. Even as a teenager I knew I was going to move to the city. And I have. I love it. I feel at home there. Where nobody knows my business unless I want them too.

So Christmas was alright. 

On Christmas eve I was eating some dried figs, I offerd some to my younger nephew. He curled his nose up at them and as I was about to eat one he said they look like little turds and as I was putting one in my mouth told everyone that I was eating a turd. Ah the joys of being around a five year old boy 🙂

My mum and Dad aren’t that well. Mum has stomach troubles and Dad has prolapsed disks in his back which means he has trouble walking and isn’t able to help around the house.

Why am I telling you this? As well as being unwell she also works, She is the type of person how will work through a migraine that is making her vision blury.

So even though she does clean the house and the house is tidy, there are things she can’t do. For instance. Though she uses a spray cleaner the clean the kitchen it doesn’t get the nicotine off the cupboards properly.

So when some crazy bitch cleaned the stove and the cupboard door above she ended up having to the whole kitchen because cleaning that one door made the rest look really bad.

It has taken three half days to get the cupboard doors and bench tops done. I’m not even going to look in the cupboards. that can be done another time.

Besides I promised to defrost the freezer while I was here. I was the last one to do that and I don’t recall doing that since I met my ex and that was nearly six years ago. Well, we’ll know when I’ve done it. It’s one of those chest freezers and as anyone who has one knows, everything usually just gets dumped on top, which means the stuff on the bottom gets forgotten about.

So wish me luck and safe travels.

The ice is thick and the freezer is deep.

If you don’t hear from me again, remember I loved you all xoxoxo





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I met an attractive man. There was great chemistry and flirting. It was great fun and then we went back to his place. He was attractive and a good kisser. Finally, I said, “Do you have condoms”. He said, “No.”: I said, “No problem, I should have some in my purse.” He said, “I don’t like them.:” I should have left at that moment, but I said, “Well then there will be no sex.” I would have been happy with a good make-out session. We fooled around a bit, but the goal was clear. He was trying to turn me on so that I would agree to condomless sex with a man that I barely knew. At the moment, I had to grab his cock hard in order to prevent that from happening, I knew it was passed time to leave. I said, “I am leaving.” I was…

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I live near a main intersection and I can hear the pizza delivery guy zipping past on their scooters.


What I wouldn’t give for a roasted tomato chicken and Camembert pizza.