Did I pack myself away?

I have other hobbies besides crochet. I sew and I also do some beading.

On the weekend I got the box which had my beading supplies and tools in it out.

I found things that were half finished or almost finished. I also found a bracelet I had forgotten about.

At some point I had tried to do a inventory of what I had. The date was still on the storage boxes.

As I was pulling things out I dropped one of the storage boxes. Everything feel out and I had to reorganize it, put everything back in its place nice and neat.

I realized that my life is like that box.

Did I pack myself away five years ago?

Is pulling the box out and looking inside the same as the break up?

Is going through the box like me trying to find out who I am outside the relationship? Me trying to find myself?

Is the box falling and the contents spilling the same as me falling/breaking down?

Is picking up the pieces the same as me going to hospital to get help?

Is putting everything back in its place what I’m doing now?

Put everything back so I can go on to become something more beautiful?


8 thoughts on “Did I pack myself away?

  1. Lizzy, these are great metaphors. I often feel like my life is compartmentalized, but mine is the dumped box that I didn’t have time to reorganize. Everything is spilling over into the wrong compartments, and it’s very uncomfortable. I’m going to organize it, too. So I can become something more beautiful. Thank you!

      1. I’m really going to try.

        Off topic, have you played with the loom-bandz or any of those? I bought some to make bracelets with my nieces and, omg, they are so much fun! I’m crocheting with them! What a ball.

      2. I haven’t tried them. I haven’t gone looking for them yet. Though “The Crochet Crowd” did have a blog post on them and they look cool. Found there Facebook page when I was looking them up to refresh my memory and the things you can make are awesome πŸ™‚

  2. Miss Lizzy, I agree with the previous two posters – beautiful words, and beautiful simile.

    While I don’t know your break-up story, it sounds very traumatic. So I am glad that you were strong enough to seek help at the hospital – I have had to do that myself. It’s hard, but worth it.

    Take care of yourself as you pick up the pieces and reorganize them. Hugs.

    – Charlotte

    P.S. You ARE beautiful.

    1. Thank you Charlotte.
      I have help with picking up the pieces. So I hopefully with be safe.
      As for my break up, I think I put alot of it a post titled “Fake Dom”. Sorry I can’t check right now, I’m not in a place where I can read it again right now.
      Thank you πŸ™‚

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