I’m such a fuckup

I feel like I’m such a fuck up.

I fall at things I try and be better at.

I got a advance in my pension so I could buy Christmas presents. I didn’t buy many and I’ve already gone through it.

I’ve also gone through all my pension.

I’m broke and I still have a week to go before my next pension day.

I’m trying a new diet.

Before I checked to balance of my bank account I bought take away on a whim.

Blew my budget and my diet.

Anxiety and some money don’t work.

Anxiety and a budget don’t work full stop.

I’m gonna take my meds and go to bed early.


4 thoughts on “I’m such a fuckup

  1. Tomorrow is always a new day. Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes, just try harder tomorrow. It’s easier said than done, but we all must try! 🙂

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