I am so nervous right now.

I made contact with a local group for subs the other day.

Right now I am sitting in a cafe waiting to meet up with one of them.

Gonna have a cuppa tea and chat.

It’s their Christmas party tonight and I have been invited.

I told her I couldn’t afford to, but she offered to pay.

I have accepted.Β 

So, could this be counted as first munch???


11 thoughts on “Nerves

  1. Why not? I have been to a fee munches in the past. They were all great experiences. Don`t be nervous. Just go ahead and enjoy it. I`m sure you will have a great time!

  2. Glad you had a good time. Being among like minded people is a freeing experience. I attend two munches in my area.
    It is a great way to learn and grow in the community.

  3. I’m so glad you had a great time. I’m too shy but I made myself go to one in the past. Happy for you!!

      1. It was supposed to be, but a bunch brought their dominant partners…..and I think some came just to “hunt”. It was uncomfortable

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