I hate Christmas

I hate Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong I love giving gifts.

I love the look on peoples faces when I give them something.

I don’t like getting gifts though. 

I guess I don’t feel worthy of receiving anything.

I don’t like getting gifts from people I don’t really know.

 I always question why I am being given a gift, Especially if it isn’t my birthday or Christmas. 

What do they want from me?

Christmas and my birthday I only celebrate for my Nephews. It’s for them only.

I’d rather spend it like any other time of the year. OK, maybe go to the movies or something as a treat.

The best birthday I had was with my Ex. I told him not to buy he a gift and he didn’t. It was a quiet day like any other. No cake no nothin’. Loved it. I think one year, instead of a gift he took me to the movies. Perfect.

One reason I hate Christmas is because I am forced to spend time with my family. 

It’s not on my terms as to when I see them. 

I can’t make it the weekend before or the weekend after. 

I can’t make it a visit that only lasts a few hours. 

I HAVE to spend a couple of days with them.

I hate Christmas!!!!


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