Could I?? Dare I??

lace thigh high


Could I??

Dare I??

I’ve thought about it before.

No Fantasised about it.

I’m Fantasying about it again.

I’m Submissive.

I’d have to be dominant.

I’d have to be the one doing the spanking.

The one tying up the other.

I can do that.

I know I can do that.

I WANT to do that.

I NEED to do that

I WANT that control.

I DESIRE that.

Would you rather be a whale or a mermaid A whale because mermaids don't exist.


But my weight.

I am Morbidly Obese.

That could be a kink.

There’s heaps of kinks you could help with,


Some guys like watching girls eat.


I could do with a regular pedicure.


I like using my hands.

I could do with a regular manicure.

My Smoking.

Some are into that.

They like watching.

Being used as a ashtray.

Some even like being used as furniture.

I wouldn’t mind a nice warm foot stool.

Would be good if the gave massages and pedicures to.

Free Movies?


Free nights at the Theatre?


Free Dinners out?


Trips to galleries?


Free holidays?????


I could do all that.

thigh high


I wouldn’t have to……..?

Could I ……..?

Should I…..?

You know what?

I think I could.

At least in theory.

But could I really go through with it?

I would need help.

I would need guidance.

I can’t believe I am considering this.

What am I thinking?

Could someone like me be a Plus size Escort?

No, Really?


14 thoughts on “Could I?? Dare I??

  1. Hey did you read Vixen’s Muffin Man? There is always a fetish that someone is willing to pay for! I couldn’t do the Domme thing, not even for money, I have no inclination or talent in that area, but if you think you could be a switch then Good On Ya Mate! Did you get a job offer? 🙂

      1. Well then let your imagination flow! If you are fantasizing about it then you may be a switch, it’s worth exploring 🙂

  2. Dearest Lizzy,
    Embrace Your Beautiful Body My Dear Friend! I bet You could, I bet if you Embraced that part She could cum out and Shine. You will never know until You Try. Embrace Your Fantasy Enjoying the Ride.
    Your Friend,
    Anastasia 😊

  3. This was a really pretty read. Not only that, it resonanted with me. No, I could never ever be a domme, that’s not my style at all, but the body issues? Oh dear lord.

    1. Do you find that even though you have body issue when you get naked with a lover you have no issues? I find it strange that this is the case for me.

      1. The only time I have ever not had body issues with a lover, is with my Husband. Even that has been a fairly recent development! Even when I was ‘smaller’ I worried about how I looked naked in front of a lover.

      2. I must be weird.
        I haven’t had that issue.
        I figure if we’ve got that far they must be ok with me weight and they chose to be there.
        After all, it’s not something you can hide under clothing.

      3. Yeah, you would think. But it wasn’t always weight insecurity, although that was there, just not as prominent. What if he thinks my nipples are weird? Or the cellulite that I could only see (at the time)? I grew up being surrounded by flawless women, I felt like the dumpy ugly duckling. With weight around them, even though I was a size 10, I wanted to have a smaller waist, like they did.

      4. I can see how that would have a affect on your self confidence.
        I think I am weird. I only have body issues when I have clothes on, Go figure :/

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