A New Year, A New Me?



I know it’s a little in to the year for this, but I’ve only just got around to thinking about what I want to achieve for this year.


I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. They are just asking to be broken.


So I am setting a few goals I’d like to achieve.


Lets start with reflecting on last year.

– I was homeless 3 times last year

– I am now in a unit and won’t be made homeless again.

– I’ve gotten out of two relationships, one abusive the other sooooo not good for me. (One day i’ll tell you guys about the Swede and     his girlfriend)

– I have learnt to live by myself.

– I have learnt to budget, though I still stuff up.

– I got help when I needed it

– I have gotten myself a support network.

– I have started to socialize (never went out before)

– I have made some friends (never really had any before).

– I have increased my confidence

– I can stand up for myself

– I’ve gotten myself into a routine. Kind of

– I can follow through with things

– I have learnt 3 new Crochet patterns

– I have learnt 2 new crochet stitches

– I have reconnected with my family

– I have stability both physically and mentally

– I have lost 10kg (around 22 pounds)

– I stopped driving and started using public transport


I know some of it might not sound exciting, but it’s all the small stuff which leads to bigger stuff.

There a few big things in there that I didn’t even think of until I was speaking with my support worker. I don’t think I really need a support worker really, but it means I get to go out for a cuppa once a week of she comes to my place which means I don’t isolate myself which would be so easy to do. That wouldn’t be good for my health.


For next year I’m just going to list a few things I want to achieve.

– Find a bigger place to live. 

– Get my debts paid off

– Get a job

– learn two more Crochet stitches

– Finish blanket for Ex’s Mum

– Get craft stuff organised

– Start sewing again

– Get in better routine

– Eat better and not forget to eat

– Declutter my stuff

– Clean/ sort out storage units, yes there are two and I wasn’t expecting to have them this long.

– Declutter my mind

– Start exercising/ Going for walks

– Tick 20 things off my must do at least once lists, both the kinky and not kinky ones. I have a feeling I could get several knocked off       the kinky one in one shot though 😉 so I may actually get more than 20 done 😉 😉


Just a few things some small others bigger.

But you can’t just focus on the big stuff, you have to look at the smaller stuff as well.

After all you have to enjoy the journey while your on it or you’ll get distracted and go off track.



12 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Me?

  1. Try this again. One small step is the beginning of a journey. For some good ideas on financial planning and taking care of debt check out Dave Ramsey. He offers simple solid advice. That us how I took control of my finances yearsago.

  2. Miss Lizzy…. I already loved you. Now I just adore you more! What a brave and hopeful story. I see nothing but good things in your future.

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