I’m not a charity case

I sub circle I went to last month has its monthly gathering on Friday.

One of the girls who goes asked me if I was going.

I said I couldn’t go because my budget is tight.

So as a fun thing she invited me to attend and share her dinner and we’d just have Ice water because it was free.

I know she meant well. 

But it hit a nerve.

I am broke. 

It’s nothing new. but this time I really stuffed up my budget.

I saw her message and I just freaked out a little. 

As I write this I have $10 in my purse and my accounts overdrawn.

It’s 7 days before I get anymore money.

So you can see how her offer hit a nerve.

I ended up in tears, I am still fighting them.


I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and my bills are paid.

I maybe behind before I start next pay, and I maybe short of food. But I just may have to swallow my pride and ask for help from a charity group.

I know that goes against the title of this post.


But I’m no ones charity case.

I don’t need you to offer me money.

I don’t need you to offer me food.


I need someone who will listen and be supportive. 

You can’t fix this.

I have to fix this.


I am no ones Charity Case.


I am my own charity case.







4 thoughts on “I’m not a charity case

  1. I don’t think there are many in the world who can’t identify. And life has a way of bringing those up high, way down low at some point in their lives.

    But don’t mistake friendship for charity.

    Sometimes we have to also set aside pride a little to let others show us they care. You rob them of that gift of love, is how one friend put it to me once.

    And I’ve been there. You will succeed.


    1. Thanks for the advice.
      I’ve only met her once and she put the offer on my fetlife wall for anyone to see.
      She also used the initial of my real name

      1. Oh. That’s extremely poor judgement on both counts. In that case, smack em 🙂

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