All about me

So bored at the moment.

I’m in hospital for the night. Nothing major. I’m in for a sleep study.

I have sleep aponea. Well I’ve been self treating myself for a number of years and I’m only just getting checked out.

This past year and a bit has made me realise how much I neglected myself.

I looked after every and anyone else but me.

I looked after my ex. I helped out his Mum, especially while his father was dying.

Before then it was all about my aged care nursing. Though I still worked as a nurse after we met.

I was nursing right up until I got sick.

I gave myself to others.

Now its time for me.

And I feel guilty for it.

I told a real life friend that I was going to be selfish and take time for myself.
She asked me why that was selfish.

Why is that selfish??

Why do we feel guilty for taking time to look after ourselves??

Why do we give freely of ourselves yet leave nothing for ourselves??

Be damn if I will feel guilty for that.

It’s time I looked after myself.

And the time starts NOW!!!!!

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