And the Top 5 Excuses to Avoid Having #Sex Are…

Christina Mandara


Sex excuse 1: “I’m too tired”

“Please babe, I’ve been at work all day and I’m tired” – oh, that old chestnut. A recent study has revealed that the “I’m too tired” scenario has become the top excuse to avoid having sex, with “I have a headache” stepping down from first place to third on the list. As many of us seem to be working longer hours than ever before, it’s no surprise that when we reach our bedroom it’s often less of the passionate kissing and sexy underwear, and more about the unattractive pyjamas and comfortable slippers. Sometimes we even use “I’m too tired” as an excuse before we’ve even thought about whether we’re tired or not. In actual fact, sex floods the brain with relaxing chemicals such as oxytocin, which calms down our brains and compliments our sleep. Suddenly sex is back on the menu…

Christina: Bet Anastasia…

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