Do people actually use this stuff?

Do people actually use this stuff?

If you need to add pink to your pink bits.

I didn’t know you could get this stuff.

I wonder if it tastes funny??


16 thoughts on “Do people actually use this stuff?

  1. Really?? Lizzy, I’m 51 and as far as I can determine, there has been no discernable loss of color, nor has Sir mentioned any issues…. were there any reviews??

  2. I saw this earlier today when George’s Husband posted – I honestly thought it was a joke product. Laughed myself silly at work when I clicked through! Really? Who the hell would notice or care? The reviews were absolutely hilarious 🙂

      1. yes… the Bette has 28 reviews! Even one from a guy… “made for a woman but pink enough for a man” This is the find of the month…..thank you!!

      2. just shared it with 3 or 4 other people…. I’m thinking of posting on FB as well…. OMG…

  3. Ohhh myy god…. seriously if a dude has complaints with my pinkness, he is just shit out of luck.
    Crazy. Cray Cray 🙂

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