I was only 19

He was only 19

This song is played around ANZAC Day.

I always sends chills down my spine and tears to my eyes


Patching Clothes

This is such a cool idea.
I gonna have to buy some crochet thread now

Bagg Lady's Buzz

Patching clothes using crochet?

The creative blogger on Plaidipus Mound appears to be anonymous. I looked at several posts on the site and even went to her Zazzle store but never found the name of this blogger.

All of that aside, the genius of using crochet to “darn” holes in clothing is beyond creative. The examples shown are on denim pants. Torn knees, holes and even the “back side” are displayed.

Can you imagine the craze if this were to catch on? It is very retro. Much like the 1960’s embroidered, patched, painted etc. clothing.

Hippie Jeans photo credit Mostly OT Hippie Jeans photo credit Mostly OT

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