Why Mature Women Make Better Lovers

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mr natural There was a cute young thing staring at me in the gym today.

I’m pretty sure she was counting my wrinkles.

Either that, or I reminded her of her Grandfather.

I admit it….

I am feeling a bit tattered….

… thread-bare,

… tumble-down,

… well… OK, I hate to say it, but dammit—- OLD.

My buddy John noticed the girl staring, and mentioned it to me….

I laughed and told him that even if by some completely demented twist of reality she was interested in a geeze like me, that it was a moot point.

Young women are the same as anti-hermitian matrix-linear algebraic equations to me–

I don’t understand ’em,
and what’s more,
…. I couldn’t figure out how to derive a satisfactory solution with ’em even if I did.

The technology has changed so much, ya know?

Well, some of it, anyway.

And I hate that whole dirty old man trip…

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2 thoughts on “Why Mature Women Make Better Lovers

  1. I’ve always said that god did things backwards….. If teens, and twenty something’s had all the fat, they would learn to love for the right reasons, and not based on looks and sex appeal. And we should become more sexy and beautiful as we age, cause now we would have a deeper appreciation for the beauty, and way more knowledge on the sex appeal and how to use and enjoy it! No???? ;D
    Hugs, Mynx

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