The Pin Up Art of Gil Elvgren

I love Vintage pin ups.

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Gil Elvgren (1914-1980) was a prolific painter and illustrator of what most people would call “Pin-Ups”.

In the art illustration genre of vintage pin-ups,

Elvgren’s work is by far the most popular among collectors and enthusiasts, today.

One reason might be that he had a keen eye for feminine beauty,

….. and had the talent of expressing both that beauty and a certain flirtatious, but still innocent, sexuality via his canvases.


A graduate of the American Academy of Art, Elvgren had been drawing since he was eight, and originally had pursued a degree in architecture, but caught the ‘bug’ for illustration while at the University of Minnesota.

Well known artist Bill Mosby was Elvgren’s instructor at art school, and he described his former student thus:

” He is a fine painter; as a draftsman there are few who can equal him. He has amazing hands. They don’t look like the hands of…

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