When looking for a Dominant




When looking for a Dom, you must first know what you need. Not what you want


Make a list of what you need. Not a list of what you want.


A list of wants are just needs that aren’t being met.


This list of needs is the bases of the list you need to make when listing the qualities the Dom you are looking for.


Now list what you what you need from the Dom.


The Dom for you will for fill those needs and show you others you did not realize you had.


What you are looking for is what you need.


You the sub know what you need


Do not be swayed by those who try to help when they say that no Dom will want that.


You have set your standards and you must be willing to stand ground on this.


We as subs must wait for the right Dom to come along to meet those standards.


Never lower them for anyone.


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