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Watch What Happens When This Man Who Hadn’t Spoken for 6 Months is Greeted by a Dog (Video)

A Korean War veteran diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease hadn’t spoken in six months when he suddenly regained his speech as he pet the family dog.

Charles Sasser, of Albuquerque, N.M., was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s four or five years ago, according to his daughter Lisa Abeyta.

She took a video of her dog Roscoe proudly bounding up to Sasser with a bone in his mouth.

“My father has Alzheimer’s,” Abeyta says in the video. “He has lost almost all of his speech. This is what happens when he is with our dog.”

“Oh yeah, hey!” Sasser says as Roscoe gives him the bone. “You’re got, you’ve got something. You’ve got something, huh?”

“Yeah, well, that’s, that’s too bad there. That’s all. That’s all I’ve got,” he says holding bone. “Why don’t I take care? I’ll take you, and you take me,” he says.

The Daughter Says: “The true hero is my mom. This is her life’s work,” Abeyta told ABC News. “I shared the video but my mom is the one is the one who takes care of him by herself and I can’t give her enough credit.”