I’m down for the count………..


13 thoughts on “Yep

  1. 😦 aww, feel better Lizzy!! I have a hippie cold/sore throat recipe… it’s gross, but it totally works, if you’re interested.

      1. Ok. 1 tbsp raw Apple cider vinegar (mix a tsp of honey into it if you want) blended into 1-2 cups water with a heavy pinch of cayenne pepper and cinnamon, plusthe juice from half a lemon, if you have it. If you drink this twice a day for three days, at the first sign of a cold/sore throat, you can avoid getting fully sick in the first place. If you are already sick, it can still help! It burns like Hell and decreases appetite, but it works for me, every time!

  2. NO NO NO…you can’t be sick!!!!!!! Wait, I was sick…okay it’s your turn to be sick -giggle- feel better soon!

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