Things are moving forward, YAY ME

In case your new to my blog or have forgotten. 

I suffer from depression and anxiety. They are so bad I am on a Disability pension.

Recently I put in a application to get into a program which helps people with a disability get in to or return to the work force.

Well I got in.

This program helps with work place preparation, such as interview skills, resume and support in the work place if you need it.

I will also be getting work experience. Since I want/ need to work in a administration roll now the work experience will be awesome as that is what everyone looks for and wants.

There is also another company they can refer me too once the course starts that will help with clothes, which I will need for a job. This company will give me the clothes for FREE. Yup free, I can also get handbags, shoes and make up and the clothes don’t just have to be for work. they could be clothes to go out in.

I was also told that every now and then they have open days where you can buy a bag for $5 or $10 and fill it, you can fill it to over flowing. The bags are black garbage bags and you can get anything, clothes, shoes, handbags or make up.


I will be getting paid while I do this course to, It’s lower pay than what I’d be getting in the work force. But hey, it’s extra money coming in.


I’ve also put in a application with my community housing provider to move into a bigger place. I need a bigger place as I have a single car garage size storage unit full of stuff. The rental on it is killing me financially.


But things are on the way up and the future is starting to look better.

Just gotta watch the down days now.


14 thoughts on “Things are moving forward, YAY ME

  1. That’s great. Congratulations on your forward movement. I think it’s great you got into the program and want to get back in the workforce. I look forward hearing more about your progress.

      1. Sorry to hear you had a low, but it’s good to hear you got through it.
        I always feel a little stronger when I’ve come out the other side because I beat it and it didn’t take me all the way down and hold me there.

      2. It does make you stronger when you get through it. It also helps me get through the next one because each time I learn something from it.

  2. Wow lizzy you are awesome I’ve been telling you this.
    You are truly a good person and you deserve the best life has to offer.
    Much love and congrats. ..
    You will always have a friend here.

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