Shaddap You Face – Joe Dolce

I hadn’t heard this song in years, then it was on the radio.



Liebster award

I’ve got three Nominations.

One from Cinnamon, Another from Daddy’s Little and Another from the Vixens


Liebster Award

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11 Random Things about me, Shit I think you guys know everything:

  1. My favourite colour is Purple. But it must be a blue based purple.
  2. 5 months and 2 days. That’s how long before my 30th that I lost my virginity. I don’t mind telling that because it makes people jealous that I waited and that it was such a beautiful experience.
  3. I can do most crafts, I’m good with my hands like this. Crochet, beading and sewing are my favs
  4. I love cooking. From Scratch, just wish I could do it more often
  5. I believe if my herb cupboard is empty my kitchen is incomplete and I have nothing to cook.
  6. If it wasn’t for my nephews I’d have nothing to do with my family.
  7. I hardly ever watch TV, I keep forgetting it’s there. I listen to the radio instead.
  8. I have PCOS and may not be able to have kids of my own.
  9. I don’t use Margarine, I use butter. I read a article where they said margarine had some of the same ingredients as paint and plastic. Plus ants won’t eat it cos it’s not a food
  10. Budget permitting I try to be conscious of where my food comes from eg I only buy line/pole caught tuna or RSPA approved meat. I’d buy free range and organic if I could afford it
  11. I hate greasy food, I hate my food swimming in a pool of fat. I couldn’t eat take away in the States for this reason


Questions I answered are as follows, I had two sets to answer.

  1. If you could be any animal, what animal would you be ?  Cat
  2. If You acquired a boat what would You name her? Hell Bitch (first thing that came to mind.)
  3. What is your favorite smell? Lavender. I also love the smell of Coffee, strange cos I don’t drink it
  4. Would you ever live outside your comfort zone for 30 days? (whatever that interpretation means to you. i.e. no technology, no television, living in a shelter or without electricity) Please Share. Lets see. I’ve been homeless, I’ve spent time in a Mental hospital and I don’t own a heater. Think I’ve done it
  5. Do you have any phobias? I have a fear of leaving the oven/stove on. I have to turn it off at the wall. It’s one of the reasons I don’t own a heater
  6. What’s the Most dangerous thing You have done? Leaving my Ex and driving 10 hours to meet a guy I had been talking to online. See my post on Fake Dom
  7. What is your Astrological sign, and do you feel you possess those characteristics? I’m a Leo. Chinese zodiac I was born the year of the horse. I have many characteristics of both
  8. Do you believe that the colour of a room affects your mood? What colour(s) soothes you. Blue based purple’s like lavender. They have the calming affect of the flower
  9. Do you donate blood? No, I don’t know if I can anymore
  10. If you could be the opposite sex for 30 days would you? No, I like being a woman. Though I am curious about the having a penis thing and sex. For standing up and peeing I’ll just try a she-wee
  11. Favourite childhood toy? Snoopy, I got him the day after I was born from my two youngest Uncles. I still have him
  12. Name 1 regret in life? That I didn’t find myself earlier
  13. If you weren’t blogging what would be your outlet? Facebook
  14. Do you find sex is better with Mature lovers or still wet behind the ears? Mature
  15. Have you ever back stabbed a friend and if so do they know? If I have they weren’t a real friend to begin with
  16. If you could trade bodies with one person who would it be? I don’t know, Though I wouldn’t mind walking in the shoes of a few for a day or so
  17. Any odd fetishes ? Nope, Their all normal in the Kink/BDSM community. Not even knife play, where “paper” cuts were scored into my skin followed by vinegar or lemon juice would bother me
  18. Shoe size? 10.5/11 in Australia/ UK 8 / USA 13 wide. Yes I have  a big foot, deal with it
  19. Does size matter? No. But, Can they use it?
  20. Would your parents be proud or ashamed of your life choices? Who gives a flying Fuck. Sorry, I’m sick of living my life in fear of what others will think
  21. Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with someone who smells like piss or vomit? As long as they haven’t shit themselves I don’t care.




And Drum role please,


The blogs I choose are (poor Suckers), in no particular order:

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Your Questions are: 

Any 11 I’ve answered.


Doing the Laundry

I was washing my clothes yesterday.

I buy my washing liquid in bulk, I had a 5 litre bottle which I decant into a smaller bottle, I really don’t want to carry 5 litres up and down two flights of stairs with my washing as well.

Why is that important?

Well the 5 litre bottle reminded me of a lovely weekend I spent with a gentleman last year.

Why?? He had a 5 litre bottle of lube.