Helping a friend with body image

I’ve had body image issues most of my life. 

I’ve always been teased for my weight.

A friend of mine is helping to raise money for body image education programs and eating disorder support services run by the Butterfly Foundation.

I know it’s a Australian cause, But I was hoping you could still support the cause or at least one local to you

 Going Make up free


Red Flags

Great information.
I wish I had it two years ago


There have been a string of Deaths in the BDSM community over the last year. Two recent was a man in Tennessee who died after being bound and left alone for more than 20 hrs. His wife is being charged , or has been. The idea was probably his but she should of been there the whole time.

Then the recent suicide of a 22 year old submissive. I will call her Pocketmouse the few times I met her she was a very bubbly soul, with a lot of energy.
Once you enter into a relationship it is only then the true colors start to come to light. Once you move in things can change from good to bad at the blink of an eye.
Some have even said well they can just leave, well you know it is not always that easy. Most feel trapped and they have no…

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Guest Blogger Today. Husband Abuse vs. submission


You know in two years since the start of Thekinkyworldofvile , I have never had a guest blogger, the truth is I had never really given it much thought.

Much of my blog is about abuse,I am against any type of abuse be it verbal, physical, or mental, and yes to the almighty married men who cannot run their own home.

Recently My dear friend Franco Bolli here on wordpress and several other men brought up the subject about men being abused , and I have witnessed it first hand but never gave it much thought..

I was in the car business I worked as a salesman, and now that I look back on the last couple of years.
I was selling a Dodge Ram Pickup to a man , he was like 10k upside down, looking at a 47.000 truck. Well I said what kind of payments are you…

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Sharing from FL

Firey, me

Well, it would be nice anyway…especially if they’re the sadist to my masochist.  Fortunately I’ve chosen to be my own Dominant and have learned to push and direct myself.  For those that feel otherwise, here you are!

12 Reasons I need to have a Dominant in my life:

A good friend asked me why I am so drawn to this world today. Her question made me really think about it. Here are the ones that stood out most to me.

1.) I need the structure and rules in order to feel fulfilled
2.) I need to have someone to care for and be valuable to
3.) I crave the intensity of D/s interactions
4.) The feeling of ownership makes me feel safe and free
5.) Having someone in my life who is willing to push my boundaries has made me a better person
6.) I need someone who craves me…

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