Who Do I have to fuck??

half devil



I am going through a phase where I am wondering who I have to fuck in order to improve things in my life.

Seriously, things could be better.

About 6 weeks ago my neighbour died. She had been dead a few days before they found her. 

There had been a smell in the hallway that I was cursing my neighbours for, I even sprayed air freshener in the hall to get rid of the smell.It turned out to be her. I felt guilty for having mentally complained and cursed my neighbours for the smell.

Last Sunday, I had the mental health crises team ring my buzzer asking to be let into the building so they could check on two more of my neighbours. I think they found one of them, the other is still missing. 

Also a couple of months ago I put in for a internal transfer in relation to my housing situation. 

I live in community housing. I asked for a transfer to a larger place so I could get my stuff out of storage.

All good. I got approved and there will be a place soon for me to look at. It’s a two bedroom house. something I’ve been dreaming of getting.

Problem is, When I was offered this place I was told it was transitional housing. I think this means it is for people who were either homeless and or had a illness and it is to see if the person can live by themselves and so they can get back on their feet.

What I wasn’t told about this is that after the 2 year lease I got they wouldn’t renew my lease. Apparently during the two years I am meant to be looking for another place to live. Even if I move to a new place they still won’t be renewing my lease. They are willing to give me a little more time, but that is all. 

I have said I will look at the house. At least I can get my stuff out of storage and go through it to see what I need to get rid of. When I packed it all I was in a emotional state and kept more than I should have.It needs a major culling. It just means I may need to put it all back into storage later.

I am going to apply to another housing provider. Also I need to apply to the Department of housing to see if they can put me on the priority list. They declined me before because I had a lease with this housing provider, apparently according to the housing provider I am with they shouldn’t have done that.

When I found out they wouldn’t be able to renew my lease for a moment it felt like I was being made homeless again, but that feeling soon past. 

I have looked at private rental listing in my area in my price range. The only things in my price range are boarding houses. A lot of them will be dives. Many boarding houses around he have bug and rodent problem. When I mention bugs, I’m talking about cockroaches and bed bugs. EWE

I have come along way in the last 18 months. I am so proud of myself for being so calm about this.


So, we get back the title of this post.

Seriously, who do I have to fuck to get better accommodation and a job?


19 thoughts on “Who Do I have to fuck??

  1. What part of the country are you in? I’m not looking for anything in return, but I’m a pretty good researcher, and I’d be happy to help if I can.

      1. Maybe not, but I’ll look into some things tomorrow and then we can chat or email or something

      1. Its late here I’ll do some checking in the morning, What do you like to do for work?

      2. Need to get more details, I looked and found some things… are you still looking?

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