A toy for the wish list

Think I’ll need someone to cum with it though since its for couples.

We Vibe


Do You Know What Training Really Is ?

Always good advice.


Lets take cock sucking out of the picture, while we are at it lets take a rule out a lot of you have, or have had.
Your not allowed to cum for a month, or maybe even two months

The second I spoke about is pure ego, and nothing more. The you are not allowed to touch your pussy or cum without my permission was something I did when I was in my twenties. If I had come across anyone who had been in the lifestyle for anytime when I said those words I was laughed at. They knew then I was not a experienced Dom.

Before you begin your Training there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.
1. Is this lifestyle really for me? You know your own feelings, but much research must be done, before being able to correctly answer.
2. Why do I need…

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Our Desire

A little proud of my first try, So I’m sharing it again

Miss Lizzy


I stand looking out the curtained window still slightly damp after my shower. You enter the bedroom fresh from yours.

Walk up behind me. I feel the tips of your fingers run down my arms then back up.

Your hands move my hair to the side as you move closer. I feel your breath on my ear as you take in my sent. Your breath tickles my ear. You kiss it, you kiss behind it. Your kisses trail down my neck to my shoulder and back up. I feel your breath at my ear again, then it’s gone. Only to return on the other side.

Soft moan escapes me

Again you smell me, it tickles. You kiss behind my ear, neck down to my shoulder. But you do not return to my ear, instead you continue across to the other shoulder and back the  middle.

Soft moan escapes

You start…

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