Our Desire


I stand looking out the curtained window still slightly damp after my shower. You enter the bedroom fresh from yours.

Walk up behind me. I feel the tips of your fingers run down my arms then back up.

Your hands move my hair to the side as you move closer. I feel your breath on my ear as you take in my sent. Your breath tickles my ear. You kiss it, you kiss behind it. Your kisses trail down my neck to my shoulder and back up. I feel your breath at my ear again, then it’s gone. Only to return on the other side.

Soft moan escapes me

Again you smell me, it tickles. You kiss behind my ear, neck down to my shoulder. But you do not return to my ear, instead you continue across to the other shoulder and back the Β middle.

Soft moan escapes

You start to work your way down my back with kisses, fingers trailing my sides. Down to the base of my spine.

A moan escapes and moister glistens

Your fingers glide over my hips to my thighs as your kisses fall lower. Your lips explore the roundness of my ass while your fingers trace their way up and down my legs.Your tongue flicks between my thighs.

A moan escapes and moister glistens

You signal I should turn around. Slowly I turn. You kiss my mound, teasing me with your tongue. Slowly as I moan my pleasure your kisses trail up my body to my breasts, while your fingers caress my body, my arms, my sides.

You pause allowing your hands to feel their fullness, your tongue follows. Flicking the nipple before devouring it in your mouth while your hand has a firm grip on it, massaging it. Sucking it, flicking it with your tongue before gently taking it in your teeth and tugging on it. Moaning, my hands in your hair as you turn to the other breast while your other hand massages my other breast, pulling at the nipple.

You then move slowly up to my neck. Trailing kisses from shoulder to behind my ear, first on one side then the other.

In a daze you guide me to the bed. Signal for me to sit on the edge, you kneel before me and ask me to lay back as you raise my legs over your shoulders, spreading the wide.

You drink in the vision before you, moister sparkling in the light. Your fingers trail my thighs The outside then the inside teasing me. Your hands trail to my breasts, cupping them fingers massaging and pulling at my nipples. They slide back down to my thighs trailing between them down and around to grab my hips.

Slowly you lower your head, stopping briefly to smell the sweet juices of desire. Your tongue lightly caressing my outer lips. Up one side and down the other, up one side and down the other before caressing my clit with your tongue. Up and down up and down, around and around, up and down.

Your fingers fill me, sliding in with ease they massage me while your drink from my pleasure. Bringing close to the edge. You stop, raise yourself so you can enter me with your hardened cock.

Slowly you enter, retreating slightly, in a little more then out, you repeat this until you are fully engulfed with in me.

Slowly at first, slowly bringing us to the pleasure we both desire.

Building pace we both head toward the edge. Faster and faster we arrive in a explosion of pure delight, collapsing arms and legs entwined. We drift off in total bliss.


20 thoughts on “Our Desire

      1. Yep, had the exact same affect as it did the first time… Thanking you for a tumescent moment in my workday, miss Lizzy… πŸ˜‰

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