Dance of three

Dance lady


There are two of you.

Broad shouldered.

Firm to the touch.

Slowly taking each others clothes off.

First the shirts. Slowly button by button.

Slowly caressing the skin exposed by the buttons undone.

Hands rise to guide to the shirt off over the shoulders.

Gracefully they fall to the floor.

The tips of fingers gracefully float over the skin of the other.

Pinching lightly at the nipples.

Hands bring the other in for a deep and sensual kiss. Tongues dancing the dance of passion.

Hands at the waist band, buttons loosened, zippers fall, asses grabbed, bodies moving closer. The dance of tongues and hands continue.

My hands dance over my naked body as I watch the beauty of the dance.

As the dance continues to increase in it’s natural beat so does the dance of my hands on my body.

Your dance builds to you are both beyond desire and are now in a primal need for release in and of each other.

Fucking and sucking

Sucking and fucking

Over and over again.

Your cock in his ass

His cock in yours

It is a dance of fury until we scream the pleasure of our release.

Soon my dears,

You will take that same dance with the three of us not just the two of you

7 thoughts on “Dance of three

  1. Not only is it good to see you back but the confidence in your writing shows in every line.
    Love this one! Do you mind reblogs?

      1. You are so sweet! This reminded me a smidge of an old piece I did, you’ve inspired me to dust it off to post on my “mature” blog.
        Have a good one and thank you!

  2. Hey Miss Lizzy, I posted mine if you feel like popping by. It’s on “Eclectic Unconfined” Names disguised to protect the living

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