The Cherry Pops

Cherry Pop

Everyone’s first time is different.

For me, 5 months 2 days before my 30th birthday.

That’s when I gave my virginity to a lovely man.

I would also like to add that this was also the time for my first kiss as well. It was very wet. He caught me off guard, just put his hand around the back of my neck and pulled me in for it. We were in his car.

Though we had been talking online and on the phone for around 6 weeks, I think, we had only just met in real life that day.

Was it what I had hoped for? Yes and No

I had expected it to hurt, It didn’t. I literally felt a pop.

There was no bumbling or fumbling.

No shame

No pressure

No Embarrassment

It felt completely natural.

I did expect guy on top, But with a guy the size of my ex, that ain’t gonna happen.

For a man of his size you need to add pressure to the flesh on the pubis mound so the erect phallic member can protrude from it’s hidey hole.

I could go into more detail about who did what to who. But I’m keeping that for my own memory.

It was a lovely experience. Many first that day.

First time I got told they’d had enough.

Damn my Libido

Damn I miss his tongue

6 thoughts on “The Cherry Pops

  1. I lost mine at 20 and I thought it was awful….never doing that again!!!!!
    Completely unromantic, I chose him because he was shipping out the next day.

    Hated sex until around 5th time

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