4,000 girls kidnapped by Islamic state in Amerli sold as slaves. Women found raped and hanged from a pipe by cable wire.

The Muslim Issue

Young widow chooses suicide over marriage to Isis commander

Nicola Smith, Baghdad
Published: 7 September 2014, The Times

The Yazidis are at risk

The Yazidis are at risk (Adam Ferguson)

Nada Qasim, 20, had been a widow for 40 days when she put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. Her suicide was prompted not by her husband’s death, but by her father’s attempt to make her marry a commander in Isis.

Nada’s story provides a glimpse of the cruelty Isis reserves for women amid growing reports of forced marriages, sexual slavery, kidnapping and young girls being bartered between fighters.

In a dusty, rundown suburb of Baghdad, her sister Fatima recalled how a “happy, loving” young woman’s life had unravelled after her 21-year-old husband Adil, a police officer, was shot dead in June while fighting to protect the Shi’ite town of Amerli from the Sunni terrorists.

“Nada did not see the body and…

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