Ties that bind


I will be moving soon.

I am excited and scared.

I have wantes this move for months. Actually I think it was six months ago I started putting the wheels in motion for this.

At first I put in for a internal transfer with the company I rent through. Confusion here they did offer me a place that wasn’t suitable, but before they offered me another place they realised I wasn’t on the priority list for public housing.

As a result I had to apply for that list. Many forms and letters from Dr’s. The company I rent through decided to “help” by giving me a termination of lease notice. This was reversed once I got on the list.

So, that leads to now.

I am definately moving and moving soon.

I am excited, I am looking forward to it.

But I am also scared. Another part of my life is coming to a end and I have to deal with it.

Storage units.

I have stuff in storage. I want the things that are in there. There is furniture that I am excited to have again, other personal items that I want to see out of boxes.

But the frightening part is I don’t know how I will react to it all.

The last time I really saw this stuff was two years ago. I was sick. It was as my mental health was going to pot. It was less than a week before I went into hospital.

I packed it while highly emoitional. I was dealing with becoming homeless. The end of my relationship with my ex. Still recovering from Fake Dom.

I have no idea what I did and didn’t pack. I have a feeling I left some good stuff behind. My good winter coat to start with.

This is the end of that part of me.

I won’t have anymore exuses.

I will be free. Properly.

Nothing to hold me back.

And that scares me

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3 thoughts on “Ties that bind

  1. Freedom can be liberating, but yes, it can be terrifying too. ((HUGS)) I believe in you. I think you’ll be fine – regardless of any bumps along the way.

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