Man Hits Snooze Button For 24 Years


A Brisbane man has finally gotten out of bed after hitting his snooze button for 24 years.

Tom Smothers expressed surprise that he’d been in bed that long. “Yeah I’m a bit shocked. I thought I’d just hit snooze a few times. I do remember Mum saying I had to get up.”

The anthropology student woke up on Tuesday having gone to bed a 19-year-old. “To be honest I wish it had been Wednesday. I hate Tuesdays.”

He is however happy about being 43 and doesn’t feel like he’s wasted his time. “I needed the rest. Life begins at 40. I’m just a few years late.”

His parents are relieved. Jan and Peter Smothers never lost hope that eventually their son would not hit the snooze button. “I knew after a while he would grow up,” said Jan.

Mr Smothers is hoping to resume his anthropology studies at the University of…

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