Caden’s Bed

Thinking of doing this for my bed.

Yes, I’m going to make my bed frame

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So here is the result from my latest project, building a bed for my nephew, Caden.  My sister-in-law found a bed at Pottery Barn that had drawers underneath that she thought would be a nice first big bed for her son.  My helpful wife told her “don’t spend that kind of money on the bed, Paul can build that”.

While I appreciate the confidence, I prefer choosing my own projects. 🙂

Anyway, I set about designing the bed based on the picture in the PB catalog.

Here is how it turned out:

Caden's Bed

Note the three drawers underneath.  There are three more on the other side for a total of six drawers of storage.

Caden just loves his new “big boy” bed!

Building a Bed


This was the first bed I’ve built, so I learned a bit along the way. First thing I needed to do was figure out…

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