Just checking in

So much has been happening.

I met someone, started dating. At the moment I’m not sure where that is. I have no idea

My sister has been sick. At the moment her boys are living with their father while she is getting better.

My mental health has been suffering through all this. I need to fight this. I know I am fairly bad, as in sick. I’ve been letting housework go, it’s almost too much for me to catch up with. But I will fight it. I have also been isolating myself, I’m not keeping in contact with people. Not wanting to go out, cancelling appointments or just not going altogether.

I think I need to blog about the above in order to get it off my chest, But not tonight.

Goodnight, Lizzy

8 thoughts on “Just checking in

  1. It is a tough time of year… I have been fighting some major depression issues lately too.
    But when we are all we have, we have to take care of ourselves even more! You are loved and missed Lizzy

    Please go take care of you

  2. I know at times it can be hard to get back on track, more so when you have taken more steps backwards than forwards.
    You know you have an awesome support group there who are friends.
    I also know making yourself do things can be hard as well , but sometimes we just have to move forward and force us to do things….
    I hope you find a better place soon , I truly hate seeing you this way

  3. I’m really sorry to hear that your sister is sick. Please know that you are in my thoughts. Depression sucks!!! It’s no fun you can’t focus and it is just absolutely unbearable. But, that’s why having friends who love you is so awesome. And letting your mind and soul release in here, is a great way to help with that depression. We’re all here for you sweetheart! Miss you lizzy!

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