Everyone needs to be safe

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5 Things to Give Your Safe Call Person


Tatting vs. Crochet


LDS Lacemaker

Tatting shuttles on tatted lace. Old Wooden Tatting Shuttles on Tatted Lace.

Tatting is very different from crochet in terms of how the laces are made. Both can be used to make temple altar cloths, so what is the difference?  Tatting and crochet lace can sometimes look similar, partly because crochet lace can so easily mimic other laces.  There are differences though.

The first difference is the tools used. In tatting, we use tatting shuttles, like these gorgeous wooden ones I saw once in a tatted lacemaker’s shuttle collection.  Crochet is actually named after the French word for “hook”, which is “crochet”. In crochet lace making, we use delicate steel hooks like these:

IMG_20140416_110552 Steel Lace Crochet Hooks

Between tatted and crochet laces, can you tell the difference? It’s tricky because crochet mimics so many different types of lace. There are bobbin laces, hardanger, reticella lace, needlepoint lace…. lots of old fashioned laces to mimic…

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Crocheting 2 rows at a time Photo Tutorial

My hat is off to this lady.
I would get so confused doing this

Crochet Rox

Here is a photo tutorial of how I crochet 2 rows at a time.  It’s really not difficult, and I promise it isn’t witchcraft!!! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!!

Crocheting 2 rows at a time tutorial by Crochet Rox

Crocheting 2 rows at a time!!

I’m honestly SHOCKED at the response I got when I posted this picture in a crochet group.  I’ve had friends call it “witchcraft” but honestly, it’s very simple.   It may look confusing, but you are still only working one stitch at a time.   It’s not really any faster, but the work builds up quicker, so it seems like it does save some time.  I’ve been using this technique for years, and I can do it as easily as a single row now.  I don’t think I can explain exactly how I do it, so I’m going to try to slow it down to show you how…

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Don’t help ISIS get what it wants

and that's the way it was

First of all, here’s something I didn’t write last night, because sometimes I am an idiot: to all those who lost friends and loved ones last night, and the day before in Beirut, and everyday in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere; to Parisians, Beirutis, the French people, the Lebanese people, and everyone else whose lives have been damaged or destroyed by violence: my thoughts are with you. I cover a lot of horrible events on this blog, because that’s what happens when you write about the Middle East, and I don’t say that kind of thing nearly often enough. But I’m saying it now.

Now, moving on.

Part of the rationale underlying attacks against Western targets, like 9/11, the 7/7/2005 attack in London, and last night’s attack in Paris is the desire to inspire a backlash against Muslims living in Western nations. Al-Qaeda and ISIS want to create an “us vs…

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Harvard Study Reveals that All Homophobic People are Gay

You Ready Grandma

A shocking, double-blind study released by Harvard, in collaboration with MIT, has revealed that all people who are homophobic are actually homosexuals themselves. The study, which was carried out over the course of 5 years and involved nearly 5,000 male subjects, is being accepted by the American Psychological Association as being “scientifically irrefutable.”

This lengthy, intricate study was conducted by the folks at the Harvard Center for Brain Science and incorporated proven Penis Responsiveness Technology (PRT) and Brainwave Function Reading (BFR)  from leading scientists from the Biomimetic Robotics Lab at MIT.

The Penis Responsiveness Technology was created from an offshoot program with the Meshworm Soft Robotics sleeve which was fitted around each of the subjects’ penises. It is capable of measuring blood flow, responsive twitches, and swelling. Meanwhile, Brainwave Function Reading system was set up with diodes attached to the different parts of the skull to read emotional responses in…

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