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But dometimes it’s hard to remember to turn the light on


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What Does She Get Out Of The Relationship


This was a question posed to me last week while out . A friendly get together , One of my days I am able to get out and be me. Getting together with those who somewhat think as I do, a heavy sigh when I sit down and sip on my chocolate Latte , or is it mocha ? I know it is one Arianna always gets my drink. This week she was not with me , Arianna and out newest addition to our home were spending quality time together . Ariannas mother has been ill and had a heart procedure done on that Wednesday so rest was much needed as well.

I have been mentoring a new Dominant and at last it is someone who is truly interested in the D’s lifestyle, someone who has not only been listening but someone who is taking the proper steps in building…

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Plus Size Pinups – Thigh Chafing Solutions

Haven’t tried Deodorant between legs yet. I normally use old leggings cut down

Vera Gin Vintage

For those of us who are medium or plus sized pinups, the issue of chafing thighs can be an ongoing one.  And for those of us living in hot and humid climates it can be a year-round problem.

So for those of you who, like me, have this problem, I’ve compiled this list of potential solutions.

Solution: Bandelettes

Bandelettes are stretchy, soft bands of elasticised fabric and/or lace that you wear around each thigh like a garter band.  Instead of your bare thighs rubbing together, you now have smooth fabric creating a rub barrier.  They have internal strips of silicone to keep them in place and the company says that if you choose your size correctly, they won’t slip off or roll up.

Bandelettes are available in a range of sizes that cater for thighs from 21 to 32 inches in circumference, and the company ships worldwide from the USA…

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Crochet and fabric quilt

I’d love to make this. Just need to get my sewing machine working

The Green Dragonfly

Crochet and fabric Quilt 3My mother in law Nola was visiting this week, and brought with her this lovely crochet and fabric creation, which she has just finished…

Crochet and fabric Quilt 2Isn’t it beautiful? And isn’t she clever!

Crochet and fabric QuiltI love that it looks almost antique…

Crochet and fabric QuiltI don’t have an exact pattern to share with you I’m afraid. It came in a quilting pack with all the supplies so I can’t share it here. However if you search online you will find some very similar patterns.

To get you started here’s a good tutorial for making the squares and crocheting them together. The three layer rose is added afterwards when the quilt squares are all joined together… here’s a nice pattern.

Hope you are having a wonderful week! J xox

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