My Sister’s Health







My sister ended up in hospital a few months back, actually more like 4 months ago.

They didn’t know what was wrong with her.

She had no idea where she was or who people were.

She was put in a general ward, but she went wandering. She ended up in emergency not knowing why she was there.

At times she thought she was in maternity after having given birth to one of my nephews. The eldest turns 14 this year and the youngest has just turned 7.

My family live in a country area, so my sister was soon sent to a bigger hospital, over a hour away one way. My mum made that trip several times a week and so did my sisters partner, They couldn’t go everyday.

There were days where she didn’t recognise her own sons.

She lost part of her hearing (it still and won’t all return), she began to have trouble talking, She couldn’t walk, she was incontinent.

I wasn’t able to see her as I was having trouble with my anxiety, but that’s for another post.

It took them ages to figure out what was/is wrong with her.

that thought it was MS at one point.

Eventually they figured it out, it’s Susac’s Syndrome.

A rare auto immune disease.

At the moment she is having one week where she is having immune booster because the following week is Chemo.

She can walk again now. Not for long but she can walk. She has control over her bladder and bowels again and her speech is fine.


Through this her boys went to live with their father. They are still with him for the time being until she is a bit better, My sister still can’t be left alone for long periods of time.

God knows what they will be like when we get them back. Their father is a sexist narcissist who has a history of feeding false information to them. They don’t do anything he doesn’t want. They go to school and go home, they don’t see friends after school anymore. My eldest nephew used to take off after school on his bike with his friends before, but not anymore. On weekends they only go where their father wants, they hardly see my parents but see their other grandparents all the time.